Tombstones in her Eyes

Tombstones in her Eyes

Tombstones in her Eyes

This photomanipulation brings together just 3 images.

1. The churchyard is part of Greyfriar’s Churchyard, Edinburgh, Scotland and I have used many images from here in the past. We are off back to Scotland in May and I will be revisiting this fabulous churchyard yet again for more photos and inspiration. We also hope to take our cameras on a trip to the Necropolis in Glasgow as this hilltop graveyard next to Glasgow Cathedral has fabulous views across the city as well as lofty tombs and sculptures (can’t wait).

2. The image of Nicki taken at a photoshoot that I shared with 5 friends. Again I have used many images of Niki even though I was not happy with my work that day.

3. Nicki’s skirt. I had to steal a skirt from another image as Niki was only wearing a basque for the photoshoot. The skirt comes from a period costume worn by an artiste I snapped at the Abbey Medieval festival 2012.


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